Adventure Sport

Girl tends to her fly fishing reel on a lake in New Zealand<br>Model released
Fly fishing on Lake Taupo/ New Zealand
Multisport event running through the mountains of New Zealand
Rock fishing on the west coast of New Zealand
Jet ski riding in water canyons in Mexico
2 compeditors of a multisport event stuggle through ice cold water in the South Island of New Zealand
Road racing section of a triathlon/ Hawaii
Indoor rock climbing in Santa Cruz/ California
Jet boat sprints in the the North Island/New Zealand
New Zealand surf rescue push away on a west coast beach/New Zealand
Blasting out through the surf on a summers day in New Zealand
Jet ski riding in Mexico<br>Model released
Getting a dunking half way across the Pacific Ocean to keep cool
A surf rescue boat speeds in to the beach/ New Zealand
Paragliding off the cliffs of a west coast beach New Zealand