Adventure Sport

A runner of a multisport event stuggles on with a taped up knee
White water speed blur as a kayaker powers through the foamy waters of a river in Boulder/Colorado
Brand new kevlar racing kayak on the car roof of a multisport competitor
Paraglider hovers on thermals over surfers on the black sand beaches of New Zealand
Fly fishing on a lake at early dawn, taking in the peace and quiet<br>Model released
2 surfers make there way up a grassy path after a hard day's surfing
Fresh water fly fishing gear
Fresh water fly fishing for trout in the clear waters of New Zealand
Giant sand dunes /Colorado rise over 700ft above sea level
Marine sports photographers hold their huge cameras up to shoot the America's cup competitoin
A view from a rock on Great Barrier Island/New Zealand
 A support team, ready the kayak for its compeditor to get in to at the start of a race
An ex army Unimog ploughs through a huge mud puddle on Great Barrier Island/ New Zealand
Kayakers check out a seal as it plays around the rocks
Beached kayaks after a hard day's paddle in the South Island /New Zealand