Skandia Cowes Week Day4

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The 180th Skandia Cowes Week,Day four of Skandia Cowes Week 2006 dawned with a forecast of strong and blustery south-westerly winds with gusts straining the dial beneath storm clouds producing a lumpy Solent and gusts of up to 29 knots<br>Etchells fleet<br>ŠPaul Todd/<br><br>*******Editorial Use Only********<br>
The 180th Skandia Cowes Week, Day 4 with the wind from the West averaging 18 knots with gusts of 29 knots.   <br>RED GBR76R 1.353 TP 52 Owned by Charles Dunstone and designed by Jaudennes Theys<br>ŠPaul Todd/<br><br>*******Editorial Use Only********<br><br>

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